Inside The Loft February 16 - 20 2019

Great demos. Great Information. Great transformation.
Great music. Great Snacks and Dinner. Great Conversation.
All in one VERY comfortable setting.

I Love to teach. Love to coach. Love to cook. Love music and love to be a part of an intense learning experience that combines all of these things, so why not do it? So I am.

We'll use my newest material as a jumping off point for a highly personalized, creative, intuitive, training experience. The course goes WELL BEYOND any other course that I've done. Think of this as a group "personal break-through" experience-with in-depth Hypnotic Coaching interspersed with Master Trainer Level supervision and discussions that you'll rarely hear - or be part of - at any larger training.

Since the group sets the agenda, each Master Class inside the garage is quite different.
We're all on our creative edge and that's the whole point.

Frankly it is really hard for me to describe how transformative and down- right fun the whole thing is. All I can tell you is having you over to my place will be well worth the trip.
Below is the information, for your conscious minds, that we'll use as the jumping off point for the path that leads you ....where?

Ultimately back to your Self...which is really Big... as you know.....
No matter what you think you are you are always more than that!
Here's just a sample of what you will learn

Manage uncertainty in life!
Discover why goals don't work and experience what does! Learn the nuances in the OHC coaching model for resolving the most common, challenging coaching issues such as procrastination, values conflicts and life transition issues… conversationally!

Through the refined use of Beyond Goals, Attention Shifting, Beyond Words and Rhizomatic Perception Models, this master class will lead you into nuances that simply can't be taught in a formal training context. You will discover that it is possible to address deep issues conversationally, enabling you to work intensively with clients in business contexts and others where obvious therapy patterns would not be appropriate. I will share my experience and insights when working with the most common and challenging issues that you will encounter in your coaching practice.
• How to do precise, multi-level work
• How to create motivation and response potential
• Conversational elicitation of strategies
• Determining unconscious congruence and motivation
• Utilization of naturally occurring states to create powerful change
• Integrate transformative, non-linear and hypnotic language patterns into your coaching work
• Incorporating the Meta Pattern of all NLP patterns into your work
• Practical approaches for working with the most common coaching problems
• Application of Chaos Theory to goal setting and successful manifestation
• Conversational elicitation of deeply rooted unconscious states that prevent forward movement.
• Elicitation and utilization of end state energy
• Installation of the I AM state of creation
• Determine appropriate chunk size of tasks and goals
• Techniques for producing spiritual states of non-attachment to facilitate ecological change and manifestation
• Applying the latest neuroscience to hypnotic coaching
• Integration of Rhizomatic Perception and Inquiry into your work and Life
Prerequisite: Master Practitioner Level and Above
If you have not taken a live training with John, you will need to email him prior to enrolling.

John, Is there anything else I need to know?
No, but if you want more information, email me, and I hope to see you Inside the Loft!